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Platinised Niobium (Nb) Tubular Anode (Pt Nb tubular anodes)

PLATINIZED NIOBIUM TUBULAR ANODES consist of niobium tube substrate coated with very thin electrochemically active platinum layer. NESPL's Platinized niobium tubular anodes are used where high current output are required.

Platinised niobium tubular anodes are suitable for use in ground, seawater and freshwater deep well systems.

Platinized Niobium (PtNb) Tubular Anode Advantages :

- Platinised niobium tubular anodes are lighter in weight

- Platinized niobium tubular anodes are having high current resistance

- Platinized niobium (Nb) tubular anode's dimensional stability is very high

- Platinised niobium tubular anodes are having better conduction properties

- Platinized niobium tubular anodes do not form anode muds and are non - toxic

- Platinised niobium metal tube anodes are easy to handle and install

- Platinized niobium tube anodes are economical ( due to minimum platinum requirement )

NESPL' s Range in Platinised Niobium (PtNb) Tubular Anode:
NESPL offers Platinized niobium (PtNb) metal tubular anodes in

• various anode diameters and

• various platinum plating or coating thicknesses

NESPL' s Range in Platinized Niobium (PtNb) Tubular Anode: ( application wise )

• platinised niobium tubular anode for jetty & wharf s

• platinized niobium tubular anodes for marine environments

• Pt Nb tubular anode for ship internal tanks & ballast tank cathodic protection (iccp)

• platinized niobium tubular anodes for offshore & onshore platforms, jetty (jetties) & wharfs

• platinised niobium tubular anodes for impressed current cathodic protection in sea water

• platinized niobium tubular anode for freshwater (fresh water) applications

• platinised niobium tubular anode for cathodic protection of external ship hull plates

• platinized niobium tubular anodes for cp systems sheet steel piling in harbours

platinized niobium tubular anodes


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