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Platinised Niobium (Nb) Wire Anode (Pt Nb wire anodes)

PLATINIZED NIOBIUM WIRE ANODE is constructed of a copper core surrounded by a niobium substrate to which platinum layer is metallurgically bonded. The platinum coating demonstrates a very high chemical stability, even in environments with low pH values. NESPL's platinized niobium wire anodes are designed for use in all types of aqueous storage (under ground / above ground water storage tanks and wastewater clarifier etc ), process equipment, pipelines etc.

Platinized Niobium (PtNb) Wire Anode Advantages :

Platinized niobium wire anodes are of

• lightweight
• flexible and
• strong

The niobium substrate is resistant to corrosion and the anode remains dimensionally stable over its operating life.

The anodes operate effectively in fresh, brackish and saltwater, and is not affected by high chloride concentrations.

Platinized niobium anode wires have low consumption rate and long life time and are used for cathodic protection (corrosion protection) of large offshore platforms and reinforced concrete structures, ships, steel piles, water circulating pump, condenser and seawater pipelines etc.

NESPL' s Range in Platinised Niobium (PtNb) Wire Anode:
NESPL offers Platinized niobium (PtNb) metal wire anodes in

• various anode diameters

• various anode length and

• various platinum plating or coating thicknesses

NESPL' s Range in Platinized Niobium (PtNb) Wire Anode: ( application wise )

• platinised niobium wire anode for water electrolysis
• platinised niobium wire anode for canistered anodes
• platinised niobium wire anode for water treatment equipment
• platinized niobium wire anode for shallow vertical groundbeds
• platinized niobium wire anode for continuous horizontal ground beds
• platinized niobium wire anode for cathodic protection (cp) applications
• platinized niobium wire anode for above ground storage tanks
• platinized niobium wire anode for underground storage tnak
• platinized niobium wire anode for electrical cable shielding
• platinized titanium plate anode for water storage tanks

platinized niobium wire anode


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