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Platinising of any precious metal substrate (titanium, niobium, tantalum, zirconium require sophisticated equipment and expertise, and none of our competitors offer comparable services. NESPL have developed various surface preparations such as
- chemical surface preparations
- mechanical surface preparation
- and thermal surface preparations etc.
All these surface preperations were performed in inert atmospheres, and developed plating processes that are cost-effective even when complex masking is required.

NESPL performs the following operations on the substrate material before plating

1. abrasive blasting
2. acid etching
3. water washing
4. distilled water rinsing
5. air drying
6. platinizing of the substrate material
7. hot air drying
8. cooling

According to the thickness of platinum deposition the process methodology will differ slightly.

Types of the substrate materials we handle:

• niobium substrate (plate, rod, mesh, tube, strip, wire, perforated plate)

• tantalum substrate (plate, rod, mesh, tube, strip, wire, perforated plate)

• zirconium substrate (plate, rod, mesh, tube, strip, wire, perforated plate)


Platinized Titanium Metal Anodes

Platinized Ti tubular anodes
Platinized Titanium wire anode
Platinized Titanium rod anodes
Platinized Titanium plate anode
Platinized Titanium mesh anode
Platinized Titanium strip anodes
Platinized Ti perforated anodes
Platinized Titanium probe anodes

Platinized Niobium Metal Anodes

Platinised Nb wire anode
Platinised Niobium rod anodes
Platinised Niobium plate anode
Platinised Niobium mesh anode
Platinised Niobium strip anodes
Platinised Niobium tubular anodes
Platinised Niobium perforated anode
Platinised Niobium probe anode

Platinized Zirconium Metal Anodes

Platinized Zr wire anodes
Platinized Zirconium rod anode
Platinized Zirconium plate anode
Platinized Zirconium mesh anode
Platinized Zirconium strip anodes
Platinized Zirconium tubular anodes
Platinized Zirconium perforated anodes

Platinized Tantalum Metal Anodes

Platinized Ta wire anode
Platinized Tantalum rod anodes
Platinized Tantalum plate anode
Platinized Tantalum mesh anode
Platinized Tantalum strip anodes
Platinized Tantalum tubular anodes
Platinized Tantalum perforated anodes

Platinum Anodes for Fuel Cells

- Electroplating - Electro dialysis - Electroforming (Conforming anodes) - Electrochemical Sensing - Electro winning and Metal recovery (Refining of metals) - Electrolytic Regeneration of chromic acid - Electroplating for precious and base metals - Electrolytic recovery for precious and base metals - Sodium Hypochlorite production electrolytic cells - Electro synthesis of organic and inorganic chemicals - Cathodic Protection applications includes Impressed Current Cathodic Protection viz., Platinum-plated-Titanium rod anodes are used for industrial applications for internal protection of condensers, process equipment etc. Platinum-plated-Titanium wire anodes are used for corrosion control for internal protection of water tanks and pipelines. Platinum-Titanium mesh anodes are used for impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) of reinforced concrete structures.
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